Put self-represented litigants first.

We build technology to educate and empower citizens as they navigate civil courts.

75%+ of state civil cases have at least one self-represented litigant

Collectively, self-represented litigants are power users of court systems, making up the majority of participants in civil matters, yet technology products don’t support them.


Gravamen is the premier technology platform focused on self-represented litigants

We have tools that help self-represented litigants find accurate and jurisdiction-specific legal information, get limited representation, and guide them through the e-filing process.

We are a digital front door for your court's services.



User-centered research demystifies the filling process and optimizes for ease of use.



We implement cybersecurity best practices to keep your data safe and secure.

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We incorporate accessibility features out of the box to level the playing field.

Build trust in government through an accessible and transparent process.

Citizen benefits
Access the right information at the right time in plain English.
Stay on top of next steps with alerts and notifications.
Connect with lawyers and legal aid organizations as needed.
Court benefits
Support more citizens without additional resources.
Increase efficiency with more prepared litigants.
Get better data to inform future initiatives.
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About us

We believe in equal access to justice for all.

We are a team of technologists that are committed to creating better court experiences for self-represented litigants. Our collective experience spans small startups, to growth stage tech companies, to publicly traded corporations. We’re passionate about channeling our efforts to make a difference by giving citizens more equal access to justice through education and more accessible online tools.

Get started with Gravamen

Get started with Gravamen